PIA Fares reduced for students know how much?

PIA fares have been reduced for students who are traveling from Pak to China.

(Infosette News) KARACHI: Students from Pakistan traveling to China on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) now pay even lower prices.

The national flag carrier has reportedly reduced its rates from the current 22 to 27 percent for students who want to travel between Pakistan and China, according to the state-owned news agency.

Presently, on Sunday and Wednesday, respectively, PIA runs two flights per week on the Islamabad-Beijing-Islamabad and Islamabad-Chengdu-Islamabad routes.

For travelers flying on the Beijing-Islamabad routes last year in December, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) announced reduced pricing.

The Beijing-Islamabad-Beijing round-trip fee had previously been reduced, and the new price, which includes all taxes, was set at RMB 12,050 by the national flag carrier.

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