Recent Petrol Price Hike; Goods Transport Alliance rejected the increase in petroleum prices

The Pakistan Goods Transport Alliance on Sunday declared its intention to “fight” the federal government’s recent increase in PoL tariffs.

It has become hard for them to operate their businesses under this inflation, according to Malik Shahzad Awan, president of the Pakistan Goods Transport Alliance, thus the time has come to take to the streets and protest the current administration.

In his remarks, Malik Shahzad Awan stated that we will “fight” the decision and any strategy that was being developed in this regard.

It should be mentioned that the price of gasoline and diesel will increase by Rs35 per litre as of Sunday, according to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.

Ishaq Dar stated during a televised speech that there had been an 11% increase in the cost of gasoline goods on the global market.

Dar also revealed an additional Rs. 18 per litre price hike for light diesel and kerosene.

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