Pakistan Government official twitter account blocked by India

NEW DELHI: According to Indian media on Saturday, India has Blocked the official Twitter account of the Pakistan Government.

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India blocked the Twitter accounts of Pakistan’s embassies, journalists, and other well-known figures in June.

Indian media made the claim that the account had been blocked and published a screenshot of it with their readers.

The account appeared to be connected to the government of Pakistan.

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According to the website of Indian news organisation Asian News International (ANI), India had already restricted the Twitter account of the government of Pakistan within its borders.

Earlier, the Modi-led administration also took such measures, but the account was ultimately reinstated.

The announcement of the obstruction has not yet been met with a response from Pakistani officials.

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According to India’s Information Technology Act of 2000, the Indian government blocked some notable Pakistani individuals’ official accounts on the microblogging website in June of this year.

After this incident, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned it, calling the act “very disturbing.”

The Foreign Office expressed its “deep concern” over the fact that #India has restricted access to the official accounts listed below in order to stop information from reaching Indian Twitter.

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In addition, FO provided a list of blocked accounts in a tweet, which included the accounts of the Pakistani UN embassy, Turkey, Iran, and Egypt.

When the ban was put in place, Twitter was also contacted by the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA).

In a statement, the telecom regulator claimed that Twitter has been advised to reconsider its unfair suppression of information and to bring back official Pakistani accounts for Indian viewers.



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