Pak vs Eng: ICC modifies laws to make the T20 World Cup final result-oriented due to the threat of rain

Pak vs Eng final; At the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday, Pakistan and England will face off in a thrilling championship match.

Due to the projected T20 World Cup 2022 final between Pakistan and England being played in Melbourne on Sunday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has changed its laws to make it more result-oriented.

Nevertheless, the met office predicted that Sunday and Monday will bring severe rain to the city.

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The Event Technical Committee (ETC) has increased the provision of additional playing time on the reserve day from the original provision of two hours (clause 13.7.3 of the Playing Conditions) to four hours in case more time is needed to finish the match and determine a result, according to a statement released by the ICC.

A match in the knockout stage must last for 10 overs per side, and every attempt will be made to finish the match on the designated match day.

The ICC insisted that play would continue from the scheduled match day’s start time of 1 p.m. (PST) on the reserve day.

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