Over BJP leaders’ blasphemous statements, a Pakistani gang hacked an Indian news outlet.

NEW DELHI, INDIA — Revolution PK, a Pakistani hacker gang, is accused of hacking Times8, an Indian news channel, during a live transmission on YouTube.
The Pakistani flag appeared on the station in one of the social media video, while ‘Respect Holy Prophet (PBUH)’ tickers flashed during the live feed.
For a period of time, hackers replaced the live feed of the Time8 News channel with the Pakistani flag and other messages.
Following the release of these videos, the hashtag ‘Revolution PK’ became popular on social media, with many praising hackers for their efforts.
Meanwhile, the Indian news organization has yet to comment on the topic, despite the fact that the tapes have gone viral.
The hacking effort comes only days after an Indian governing party spokesperson made insulting statements regarding the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
In the neighboring nation, deadly demonstrations erupted, with two demonstrators killed by Indian police.
During huge protests across the South Asian country, cops opened fire. Protesters took to the streets in many cities, including the capital, New Delhi, and Ranchi, calling for the arrest of Modi’s party members.
Authorities reportedly enforced a curfew and restricted internet access in numerous towns, including Kolkata, while military troops used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the northern Indian state.
Pakistan, for example, sought a public apology, summoned Indian envoys, and heard demands for a boycott of Indian goods.

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