Oprah “got all the juicy portions” of the Harry and Meghan Markle story, while Netflix only got scraps of it

The choice by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to give Oprah access to all of the “juicy stuff” has upset Netflix.

According to reports, Netflix is furious and believes that Oprah received “all the juicy stuff” from the Sussexes.

During his interview with Fox News Digital, royal expert Nick Bullen asserted this.

He began by calling it all “the biggest pile of self-serving twaddle that I’ve observed in quite a while.”

How often have we heard anything similar before? Further inquiries were made by Mr. Bullen.

“I believe Netflix is likely quite upset with the Oprah interview since she got all the truly juicy material,” said the author.

“This is merely a restatement of many things we’ve heard about, such as Harry’s ire against the press.”

In addition, the creator said, “We’ve heard about the alleged institutional racism in Britain.”

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“We’ve heard about the formality of the British royal family, how Meghan was a breath of fresh air at first, we’ve heard it all before,” said the audience.

The continuous usage of never-before-seen images and films, in Mr. Bullen’s opinion, was the biggest surprise throughout the entire docuseries.

“I believe that the usage of some of those private moments was the main source of shock and astonishment. The Royal Family, particularly Harry and Meghan, have been quite transparent about this, sharing a great deal about their life.

They, therefore, take great care to safeguard what they can. They value those private moments and have every right to wish to keep them private.

“However, Harry and Meghan are now sharing with us details of their vacation to Africa. They were left alone at this time to be just the two of them.

He continued, “No one needs to ever know what happened there, yet they’re telling pictures from there.”

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