Noor Khan Latest Picture Under Severe Criticism

The Khan sisters are well-known for their beauty, modest style, and talent. Sarah Khan and Noor Khan are both well-liked celebrities who have established themselves as A-listers in the drama industry. Noor Khan is stunning, and people adore her for her purity and distinct style. She typically does what she wants rather than what the crowd wants, which has earned her millions of followers who look forward to not just the projects she works on but also the images she posts and things from her personal life.


So Noor Zafar Khan uploaded a pretty casual image of herself on Instagram wearing her usual sweatpants and a blouse. Her admirers and followers are dissatisfied with her latest photo since it does not reflect her usual aesthetic, and her choice of attire was regarded a bit daring by the audience. Here is the link she shared:

Noor Khan

Netizens were harshly critical of the image, and they had a lot to say about Noor about her wardrobe choice. While others advised her to clean her room before sharing another picture with a sloppy background in the future:

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