In need of “rebranding,” Prince Harry has “gone too far.” Loss of the Sussex brand

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is “becoming lost” in his newly discovered brand identity as a “critic and professional complainer.”

To avoid having his Sussex brand reduced to “criticisms and complaints,” Prince Harry issued a warning.

This information was disclosed by Royal Holloway University of London marketing professor Pauline Maclaran.

She admitted it to Express UK and stated, “Harry has gone too far with his attacks on the Royal Family,” while mentioning potential issues in the future.

He is not acting appropriately in this situation, for sure.

In all of this, the Sussex brand is being forgotten. Which brand is Sussex?

We are aware that they are no longer permitted to use Sussex Royal, which is why they established the Archewell Foundation along with Archewell Productions and Archewell Audio.

The agreements with Netflix and Spotify connect to all of that.

The Sussexes, Harry, and of course the “Spare,” which are all sort of floating sub-brands, are the main topics of conversation among all the commotion and debate, however.

“Archewell is not mentioned at all, and it appears that Archewell is being utterly lost in all of this other stuff.”

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