NADRA has developed a new digital payment system 

NADRA has developed a digital payment system. In order to replace ATMs

  • NADRA has introduced a brand-new electronic payment system.
  • This success was the consequence of 1Link and NADRA working together.
  • Nationally, more than 16,500 1Link ATMs can be quadrupled in capacity by more than 17,000 e-Sahulat locations.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced a brand-new electronic payment system that could be the solution to all of your electronic payment and cash requirements.

This milestone was made possible because of NADRA’s partnership with 1Link, Pakistan’s largest and most comprehensive payment gateway system.

In order to build on the already popular e-Sahulat brand held by NADRA, the two institutions have teamed up to create and operate an electronic payment system.

With the aid of this partnership, NADRA will convert over 17,000 e-Sahulat locations into fully functional ATMs that additionally provide a wide range of electronic payment choices.

These outlets will be able to manage more financial activities in addition to completing fund transfers, cash-ins and cash-outs, public-to-government (P2G), government-to-public (G2P), and public-to-public payments (P2P).

At the company’s headquarters, the deal was signed on Monday by 1Link CEO Najeeb Agrawal and NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik.

Malik responded to this development by stating that NADRA has been working to improve e-governance by empowering entities from the public and private sectors through its digital services.

He asserted that NADRA’s e-Sahulat facility is one of Pakistan’s most cutting-edge digital facilities for financial payments

“In order to increase transparency and accountability, we are strengthening the state’s capabilities to supply digital public goods. Additionally, this would facilitate financial inclusion.

More than 16,500 1Link ATMs around the country will be able to treble their capacity thanks to this collaboration between more than 17,000 e-Sahulat sites run by NADRA.

The ease of depositing and withdrawing money for customers will result from this, as was already mentioned.

Malik claimed that the online learning environment would soon be available in rural Pakistan as well, allowing students to continue their education while earning income to pay for tuition.

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