The movie “Champions” will have Aamir Khan producing it.

In the upcoming movie Champions, Aamir Khan will serve as a producer.

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The worldwide response to Aamir’s “Laal Singh Chaddha” was overwhelmingly negative.

“I’m looking at the next year and a half where I’m not actually working as an actor and I’ll be working as a producer,” Khan said.

Aamir claimed that he was slated to begin filming for Champions after Laal Singh, but he chose to take a sabbatical from movies during an event in Delhi.

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Champions, LLaal Singh Chaddha

“I get so engrossed in my role as an actor that nothing else in my life occurs while I am working on a film.

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This is the reason I made the decision to stop. My family should be here, please. my kids, my mother, and I. I feel like I’ve been working for 35 years, and I feel like I’ve been completely devoted to my movies, which is unfair to the people who are close to me, continued Khan.

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He did, however, add that he will “be approaching other actors to fulfil the job that I was hoping to do.”

Co-producing partners include Sony Pictures International Productions India, 200 Not Out Productions, and Aamir Khan Production on the movie “Film Champions.”

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Aamir Khan’s most recent work appearance, according to IndianExpress, was in Laal Singh with Kareena Kapoor.

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