Meghan Markle very terrible mistakes are waging a war in the UK.


Meghan Markle is criticised for her decision in the The Cut interview.

When Meghan Markle compared herself to Nelson Mandela, experts said that it raised questions. The Duchess of Sussex claimed in a recent interview with The Cut that South Africans celebrated her wedding day just as much as they did Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

Royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams tells Daily Star about her egregious remark: “In this interview, she has made a number of quite grave errors. […] The absurdity of bringing up Nelson Mandela in the article demonstrates that she is either not listening to counsel or that it is very lousy advice.

“She claims she can say anything in her interview with The Cut. The royal family will perceive this as a threat.

“Therefore, it is particularly odd that she and Harry will be visiting the UK the following month. She’s unpopular, at odds with the media, and estranged from the royal family.”

“They are also hostile and a definite danger to the royal family with Harry’s memoir due out soon,” Fitzwilliams continued.

Additionally, Meghan provided the following information to The Cut: “Forgiveness, in my opinion, is crucial. To hold onto anger requires a lot more effort than it does to forgive. Considering that I have the freedom to speak whatever, I have truly made an effort.”

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