Meghan Markle is “very terrifying” and brings out Prince Harry’s “worst side.”

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle “brings out the worst possible side” of Prince Harry on the inside and is “very scary.”

Just now, Meghan was criticised for having some very “dangerous” habits.

Author and pundit Angela Levin, a princess, has asserted this.

Meghan Markle “is not missing nice,” Ms Levin said to GB News while discussing her fear factor.

“She truly isn’t, and anyone who does so as Harry did finds themselves in a challenging situation. She probably brings out the worst in him.

In addition to mentioning Meghan Markle’s “scary side,” the same person reportedly said, “If that’s what she wants, you’ll have a surprise if you expect her to be sweet, nice, and charming. She may be, but she also has a really frightening side.

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