Meghan Markle tells the royal family, _Harry is by my side_

Meghan Markle tells the royal family, “Harry is by my side”?

Meghan Markle  speech at the One Young World summit in Bridgewater Hall on Monday appeared to send a message to the royal family.

‘To meet again here on UK soil with him by my side makes it all feel full circle,’ said the Duchess of Sussex, who gushed over her husband Harry in her address.

In her keynote address, Meghan remarked, “I am delighted that my husband is able to accompany me this time, to be able to see and experience firsthand my appreciation for this organisation and everything that it provides as well as accomplishes.”

Before she met Prince Harry, she said, “The One Young World has been a vital part of my life” for a long time.

“To meet again here, on UK soil, with him by my side, makes it all feel full circle,” Meghan concluded.

.In her speech, Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry, also inspired the young girls and gave them hope for a bright future. However, the Duchess, who maintains her royal title despite leaving her position as a senior working member of the Firm, seemed hesitant to mention any of the royal family’s initiatives or efforts in this area.

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