Meghan Markle will meet showbiz royalty Sharon Osbourne

Recently, Sharon Osbourne asserted that Meghan Markle would only “befriend” persons who were “above a certain monetary amount.”

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After the premiere of her Fox Nation documentary series Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back on Monday, Sharon gave a fresh interview to Newsweek in which she stated, “I’ve never met her in my life.”

The former host of The Talk said she was standing by her “comments on Meghan,” for which Sharon was indefinitely fired from the CBS talk show in 2021.

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According to Sharon, Meghan socializes with Hollywood royalty. I believe that in order to speak with her, you must have a particular amount in your bank account.

In her reflection on the Duchess of Sussex’s social circle, Sharon said that she hung out with all the “wealthiest of the wealthy in the sector.”

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Sharon did add, though, that there is “absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

Meghan does occasionally say outright lies. To put it another way, she is surrounded by a lot of people. How can I handle this appropriately? The best of Hollywood’s music, movies, and everything else around her, according to the 70-year-old.

She’s scarcely a victim, the author of Extreme said in addition.

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According to Sharon, who was commenting on the media’s continued attention on Meghan, “This American goes to England, marries a royal, and do they live happily ever after? No. Therefore, it garnered a lot of attention for this pair, attention that is still occurring today.

Sharon said, “It seems like you’re either a royalist or you support Harry and Meghan.”

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