Meghan Markle is all bark and no bite in the gender equality debate

For her purportedly “lacking contribution” to the “battle for gender equality,” Meghan Markle has drawn criticism.

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These observations were made by royal novelist and biographer Daniela Elser in a recent article for the New Zealand Herald.

The Duchess of Sussex deserves enormous and continuous plaudits for her persistent commitment to fighting for gender equality, but her effort lacks a “meaty contribution to the discourse,” the speaker said in her opening statement praising Meghan Markle’s accomplishments.

Additionally, she was cited as stating, “Her steadfastness and determination are extremely remarkable.”

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But when it comes to the contradiction between her attention-grabbing words and her conduct, things really slow down.

Archetypes, Meghan’s podcast series that is presently suspended following the passing of the Queen, “looks far more like a PR exercise than a substantive addition to the discourse.”

She continued, “Where Meghan the Feminist falters is not in her goals (which are good), but rather in what happens after. Speaking out is wonderful, but where is the implementation? What exactly has she done?

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