Meghan Markle has been warned not to “tar everyone with the same brush” in the wake of racism allegations.

Danielle de Niese responded to Meghan Markle’s remarks about racism.

Danielle de Niese, an opera singer, recently warned Meghan Markle not to categorise the entire community as racist.

The soprano sounded dissatisfied by the Duchess of Sussex’s remarks when she told Daily Mail: “What I find peculiar is to get your own nation of America to claim that the entire country of Britain is racist… That is very frightening to me.

“Racism exists everywhere; it is not to say it doesn’t exist, but I don’t think you can generalise about everyone in that way.

It hasn’t been my experience, she continued, “to claim a whole group of people are prejudiced.

She claimed to be of “mixed racial background and to have wed a man who is not a member of the Royal Family but is nonetheless a significant institution.”

“I’ve set out to help my spouse and get to know the people in my community. I was determined to find out more about what goes on in this place.


I wasn’t into it since it feeds the ego, she continued, “but there were people who tried to insinuate that I was ‘trailblazing’.”

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