Meghan Markle is ‘feeding’ Prince Harry’s trauma reaction following the death of Diana.

Meghan Markle is 'feeding' Prince Harry's trauma reaction following the death of Diana.

Meghan Markle is being criticized for “feeding” Prince Harry. Meghan Markle’s spouse, Prince Harry. Prince Harry’s Diana tragedy is allegedly being “fed” by Meghan Markle.

Maureen Callahan, a royal novelist, and biographer made this accusation in an article she wrote for the Daily Mail.

Maybe Meghan wanted the complete version. Who truly knows what occurs in the “house of mirrors” that is H& M?

We get a little glimpse into Harry and Meghan’s daily lives, such as it is. As they are being transported around Manhattan in the back of a limo, Harry and Meghan can be seen getting upset over a lone scooter-riding paparazzi. one male.

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Bring on the dramatic response: panic, fear, and forced calm.

“We see Meghan feeding into Harry’s post-Diana trauma as she leans in and tells him, ‘Safety first.’ For instance, there won’t be any swerving to avoid the fictitious hordes of cameras you know, the ones we saw in the vanity project trailer. With her “friends and makeup artists,” “friend and personal assistant,” and other clichés, Meghan has gone full Hollywood.

“We watch as Harry clearly and sadly describes what royal reporters do. Would you care to speculate?

Harry refers to the royal family as “this family” and argues that they are “ours to abuse.” “Our story is about their trauma, and we want to control the narrative.”

Let’s get one thing straight, she continued, “If anyone is going to take advantage of anything around here, it’s going to be Harry and Meghan.”

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