Meghan Markle does not interact with her guest on podcasts.

Meghan Markle does not speak to her podcast guests.

Following the success of Meghan Markle’s podcast Archetypes, it has been speculated that the Duchess of Sussex does not work with her guests.

According to one rumor, Meghan may not be speaking to her podcast guests.

According to the New York Post, “one of Markle’s past podcast guests has fueled speculation that she never actually spoke to the duchess for the interview.”

Author Allison Yarrow recently featured on the podcast in an episode titled “To ‘B’ or Not to ‘B,’ ” in which Meghan explored how calling a woman “difficult” is “a code term for the B-word.”

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“Yarrow’s explanations and opinions are presumably manipulated and interspersed between statements from the Duchess of Sussex in the podcast audio,” the Daily Mail reports.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle’s detractors are sharing an Instagram picture in which she congratulated a producer for being “an amazing interviewer” following her “Archetypes” interview.

“Excited to be a part of Meghan the Duchess of Sussex’s visionary project #Clichés, which strives to analyze and defy the archetypes that hold women back,” Yarrow said in the caption.

“Thank you to producer @farrahsafari (a great interviewer) and the team at @Gimlet @Spotify who make it happen,” she wrote.

According to the tabloid, “The audio snippets of the experts have been chopped and mixed with audio of Markle, so it’s unclear whether she spoke to any or all of the experts personally.”

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