Meghan Markle criticizes her school visiting where she was called Nutmeg

Meghan Markle criticizes her school visiting where she was called Nutmeg

Critics criticized Meghan Markle for going to the school where she “been dubbed Nutmeg.”

Due to an old interview of the Duchess of Sussex’s going viral online, she is being made fun of.
Meghan Markle paid a visit to her old high school to begin the most recent edition of her Archetype podcast.

With recent graduates of Los Angeles’ Immaculate Heart High School, the Duchess of Sussex talked about the labels that youngsters still associate with themselves.

The similarities between their generation and the most recent grads were highlighted by her, according to Daily Express.

Meghan remarked that some of the stereotypes she encountered as a child that had an impact on her, such as “bitch” and “bossy,” were still contributing to perception and self-awareness problems in teenagers.

“I wanted to investigate how these labels and boxes contribute to how the young women there identify themselves,” she stated.

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Her detractors were quick to point out that she likes to play up to the Catholic schoolgirl stereotype as soon as the most recent edition of the podcast was broadcast.

They made reference to a conversation she had with Craig Ferguson. I got called Meg, Nutmeg at my school, Meghan Markle said in the previous interview.

The former actress appeared to imply in the interview that she found it amusing and flirtatious to joke about being a little insane.

When the Duchess of Sussex complained on her podcast about being branded insane and nutty, she received backlash.

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