Meghan Markle criticizes for claiming that she give sacrifice for the UK

Meghan Markle criticizes for claiming that she give sacrifice for the UK

Meghan Markle asserted that she made a “sacrifice” for the UK in her Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan.”

People are criticising Meghan Markle for saying in her Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries that she made a “sacrifice” for the UK, which was only acknowledged for the first time by a flying cabin crew.

In the fifth part of their shocking Netflix documentary, the Duchess of Sussex and their husband Prince Harry discussed their early 2020 “freedom trip” to Canada after announcing their plan to resign from their royal duties.

Harry stayed behind to negotiate the terms of their exit from the royal family, so Meghan had to board a flight to Canada by herself. Meghan informed audiences that the first person to thank her for her “sacrifice” was a member of the cabin crew.

I simply recall staring at him when he removed his hat. Then he adds, “We appreciate what you did for our country.” For the first time, I had the impression that my sacrifice had been noticed.

For this country, not for my own. Meghan declared, “It’s not mine.

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Many royal aficionados and fans were incensed by Meghan’s remark, calling her “tone-deaf and callous,” and pointing out that soldiers who fight for their country indeed make sacrifices.

“Meghan Markle says plane staff congratulated her for service to the UK,” one user said. Let me explain what sacrifice and service are, woman.

Serving their country as service members while being fired at and bombed. It’s a tremendous sacrifice.

Markle claims the flight crew congratulated her for her service to the UK on the route back to Canada, according to another user, who added sarcastically, “Meghan Markle wants to be thanked “for her service”.”

Since the street-dancing Mandela lie, this falsehood is the funniest, most illogical, most absurd one.

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