Meghan Markle’s boorish behaviour ought to embarrass Prince Harry more

The rude behaviour of Meghan Markle has prompted experts to urge Prince Harry to feel “even more humiliated.”

Prince Harry should be “embarrassed,” said royal insiders, by Meghan Markle’s “disrespectful attitude” toward the Royal Family.

Dr Louise Mahler, a body language expert, has made this finding.

The Mirror reported that Mahler said Meghan Markle’s antics in the entire Netflix series were “disrespectful.”

When they first met, Mahler said, “The story illustrated their relationship because he was half an hour late and she said, ‘Well, I don’t allow this. I simply left since it was inappropriate behaviour.

Then he says, “Oh, dear, may I say?” In spite of his reluctance, he says, “Actually you were late for the second meeting!” “Yes, I had to take a shower,” she replies.

Even The entire account of the curtsy was rude.

He “should be embarrassed a lot more,” in my opinion, because this was one of the few times he actually felt embarrassed at the time.


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