Lux Style Awards 2022 – Celebrating and Honoring Pakistani Talent in its Third Decade!

Lux Style Awards 2022

For the past 21 years, the Lux Style Awards 2022 (LSA) have been the highest honour for recognizing talent in Pakistan. The annual award show has stayed dedicated to the entertainment sector and benefited the nation’s citizens by recognizing the excellent job done by their favorite musicians over the previous year. The awards promote local talent and showcase Pakistan’s talents on the international stage while also empowering various voices throughout the country.

Lux Style Awards 2022

“As we stay true to this vision, we also realise that our country is facing one of the biggest calamities of all time,” Asima Haq, Beauty and Wellbeing and Personal Care Pakistan Head, Unilever Pakistan, said. We want to use this opportunity to help Pakistanis whose lives have been affected by the floods. To that end, Unilever Pakistan has contributed nearly USD 1 million to rehabilitation efforts aimed at creating climate-resilient infrastructure, sustainable housing, and microfinance to re-enable lost livelihoods, with the hope that this gesture will assist flood victims in rebuilding their lives.”

With this in mind, LSA will commemorate the entertainment industry’s labour of love in a way that is appropriate and light up its stage to spread joy and hope among all Pakistanis.

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