Leonardo DiCaprio is ‘taking it slow’ with Gigi Hadid after his recent Breakup from Camila Morrone?

The rumored relationship between Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio has been the talk of the town. The actor Camila Morrone, who recently broke up with his fiancée of four years, has been spotted recently with Gigi Hadid. According to sources, the two have been interacting in the same groups and growing closer for months, according to Page Six.

Regarding their present phase, according to Page Six, DiCaprio and Hadid are “taking things slow” while getting to know each other as they transition into a more personal stage. The two are now going on dates together as a twosome after spending time with their shared group of pals. An insider spoke to Page Six about their alleged affair and said, “DiCaprio is not a person who enters and exits relationships frequently. He does not flit from hookup to hookup. They are moving cautiously.”

Leo and Gigi were last seen together on Saturday night at an exclusive party hosted by Richie Akiva and Darren Dzienciol, friends of the Don’t Look Up actor, at a loft in Soho. DiCaprio’s dating life has been in the spotlight since his split from Morrone, with the age of his partners being the main topic of conversation. According to reports, DiCaprio has never dated a woman older than 25. However, given that the model is 27 and a mother, it appears that Gigi is an exception.

With her ex Zayn Malik, who she parted from last year after Yolanda Hadid accused him of harassing her, Hadid had a daughter named Khai.

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