The Chief of Army Staff name final as Lt. Gen Asim Munir now will work as the armed forces head

The Chief of Army Staff name final as Lt. Gen Asim Munir now will work as the armed forces head

Today, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has finalized the name of the Chief of Army Staff, which was subject to a lot of controversies over the past few days.

Summary handed to President Arif Alvi; Defense Minister Khawaja Asif hopes no ‘controversial’ selections are made.

A significant step was the government’s announcement on Thursday that Lieutenant General Asim Munir would succeed General Raheel Sharif as Pakistan’s next chief of army staff.

According to Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has chosen to nominate Lt. General Asim Munir as the army chief and Lt. General Sahir Shamshad Mirza as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) using his constitutional authority.

Aurangzeb said on Twitter that President Arif Alvi has received the appointment summary.



The defense minister hopes the president won’t make selections”controversial”.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif claimed the “recommendation” regarding the nominations had been conveyed to President Alvi in a media interview and a tweet that was published right after the announcement.

He expressed the wish that President Alvi would support PM Shehbaz’s recommendations and avoid labeling the appointments as “controversial.”.

“All the issues have been resolved in accordance with the Pakistani Constitution, and hopefully the president won’t stir up any controversy,” Asif told the press.

Regarding PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s assertion that he had discussed the issue with President Alvi, the minister declined to comment. He said that he had tweeted about the situation.

According to him, there should be no controversy about the Pakistani army, navy, or air force.

According to Asif, a comprehensive press announcement about the development will be released.

“It is now up to Imran Khan to decide whether he wants to strengthen the national defense institution or make it contentious.

Whether President Alvi would heed constitutional and legal advice or political advice will also be put to the test “On Twitter, Asif posted.

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The President and I will act as per the Constitution and the law, Imran Khan

Imran Khan, the party’s leader, was quoted by PTI as saying: “After the summary comes, I and the President of Pakistan would act in accordance with the Constitution and laws.”

Khan made his statement a day after saying that President Alvi was in touch with him and will discuss him filling the top two military positions.

The head of PTI said to the anchor of a private TV channel, “I am in contact with the president over the summary relating to an important appointment. “I’m in contact with him” (the president).

He’ll talk over everything with me. I am a party leader because the prime minister has absconded. Without a doubt, he will talk to me about it.

About Lt General Asim Munir

Lt Gen Asim Munir graduated from the Mangala Officers Training School program and joined the Pakistan Army. He then was commissioned as an officer in the Frontier Force Regiment.

In early 2017, he was named director-general of the Military Intelligence after serving as a brigadier and commanding the Northern Areas Force. He was named director-general of Inter-Services Intelligence in 2018. (ISI).

After that, he was assigned to serve as Corps Commander at Gujranwala for two years. He is at the moment the Quarter Master at the General Headquarters (GHQ).

He will be the first army chief to have served as the MI and ISI director. The Sword of Honor will be given to Lt Gen Munir, who will also be the first army commander to receive it.

The military officer became a Hafiz-i-Quran (a person who has memorized the Quran) at the age of 38 when he was assigned to Madina as a lieutenant colonel.