King Charles was just as demanding as Meghan Markle, right Never satisfied

King Charles is being criticised for his startlingly “insatiable” and “never satisfied” work ethic.

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An insider with ties to The Times has revealed these revelations.

He was demanding in that he is constantly working, the insider was cited as adding. Every day of the week. never pauses. He might want to call you about something at any time. working on his papers, ideas, and box projects. The tempo is quite rapid.

King Charles is “never pleased with himself, or what he has achieved,” a former member of the household even acknowledged. His immediate surroundings struggled to keep up with him. He possessed a tonne of endurance.

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People would be cruel on him. He constantly urged others to take action and was bursting with ideas.

“A private secretary would have a massive workload. He held firm beliefs. He also had a good temper, which was entertaining.

“He hardly ever directed it at the person. He would become irate over something, and it would happen. He’d fling something at you.

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“He would quickly go from zero to sixty and then back down. He would get annoyed by everything, especially the media.

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