Kim Taehyung Goes Live for a Minute, Leaving BTS ARMY Wanting More

To Test the functionality of the app BTS member Kim Taehyung went live on Weverse on Sunday. The musician went live for just over a minute when he was at home and informed followers that it was a test after noticing the function on the Weverse app.

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V remarked before completing his brief live, “Usually a corporate staff someone has to come to do a live, but I saw that the live button was updated and I hit it… and it works. The band members typically broadcast live from their office in the Hybe building with the help of staff members.

Fans clamoured for more after the brief live, and Kim Taehyung became popular on Twitter.

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Some even said that it was the shortest live in Weverse history.

Weverse has recently become a tool that BTS members are using to go live and engage with fans in real time. They formerly utilized the VLive app, a platform used by many Korean celebrities.

Recently, BTS members Jimin, Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, and Jungkook went live on Weverse and participated in a live chat for Chuseok. RM and Jungkook went live earlier this month for their birthdays, while Jin went live for more than 3 hours while playing video games.

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Recently, Kim Taehyung has been in the news due to rumors about his relationship with BLACKPINK member Jennie. Online images of the two of them as well as one of Tae holding Jennie’s cat have appeared, adding fuel to the flames.

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