Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 Written Update 21 August 2022: Mummy Special Week Continues – LIVE

The latest episode of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 (KKK 12) airing today (21 August 2022) begins with Rohit Shetty referring to this new week as Mummy Special Week.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it ✍️.

All of these contestants will remember their mums after each stunt.

Kanika, Rajiv, Nishant, Sriti, Pratik, and Mohit got fear fanda yesterday after failing stunts.

After winning the assignment against Mohit, Pratik was free of the fear fanda.

According to Rohit Shetty, all fear fanda holders will be able to seek relief from fear fanda. The elimination stunt will come after that.

Rohit Shetty surprises the contestants with amusing gifts before the first stunt of the day.

Everyone is in a good mood after receiving all of these gifts from their mothers.

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The first stunt will take place on August 21, 2022.

It is now time for the first stunt of the day for all 4 fear fanda holders.

This is a team stunt in which one partner is hung upside down while the other must retrieve the keys from the box, open all the locks, and retrieve the Saw. Later, he/she will have to cut the rope and free the first partner using this Saw. The twist here is that the first partner will be plunged below the water while the other partner will get current anytime he/she tries to get the keys from the box.

  • This stunt will be performed in the same order by Nishant-Kanika and Rajiv-Sriti.
  • The stunt is initiated by Nishant and Kanika. While Kanika is dangling, Nishant begins opening locks. They accomplish the trick successfully.
  • The stunt is initiated by Rajiv and Sriti. Rajiv is opening locks while Sriti is hanging. Unfortunately, Sriti aborts it after a while.
  • As a result, the outcome is extremely clear. Nishant and Kanika are free of fear fanda, while Sriti and Rajiv join Mohit in the elimination stunt.

The second stunt will take place on August 21, 2022.

Rohit Shetty entertains Kanika and Apeksa before the elimination stunt.

Rajiv, Sriti, and Mohit will perform the elimination stunt.

However, Rohit Shetty later provides all three of them another chance to be free of the fear fanda and the elimination stunt.

The best contestant will be safe, while the other two will be eliminated.

The contender will be inside a flying helicopter (chopper) during this stunt. Once the stunt begins, he or she will descend using the net. During this time, the contestant must take and hook 5 flags from the net. Later on, the competitor will be required to obtain a mobile phone and take a selfie. Finally, he or she will have to jump into the ocean.

Because Rohit Shetty’s health is failing, he enables Rajiv to choose anyone to undertake the stunt on his behalf. Rajiv went with Faisu.

  • This stunt will be performed in the same order by Sriti, Mohit, and Faisu.
  • Sriti begins the stunt first, but after gathering a few flags, she collapses.
  • Now Mohit begins the stunt, and after a while, he also falls.
  • Rajiv’s stand-in Faisu begins the stunt and completes it successfully.

So the outcome is obvious. Rajiv is saved from the fear fanda, while Sriti and Mohit participate in the elimination stunt.

The August 21st, 2022 Elimination Stunt

In this stunt, the contender will be suspended from a platform. Once the feat begins, he or she must use body movements to swing and jump on both sides of the platform. During this time, he or she must transport 10 flags from one end to the other.

Rohit Shetty asks K medal winner Kanika if she wants to use her medal to save anyone before the elimination stunt.

  • Kanika saves Mohit and replaces him with Jannat.
  • Jannat begins the stunt first and transfers some flags before the timer runs out.
  • Sriti began the stunt, but after a few minutes, she abandoned it.
  • So the outcome is obvious. Jannat is safe, while Sriti is kicked out of KKK12.

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