Karachi DSP robbed at gunpoint of Rs800,000 and mobile phones

Karachi DSP robbed

Karachi DSP robbed at gunpoint of Rs800,000 and mobile phones

The sense of unease in the city brought on by a major rise in street crime was increased on Thursday when a group of armed men held up a police officer in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and seized Rs800,000 and cell phones.

According to Aziz Bhatti police, four thieves on two motorbikes stole Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Saad Jabbar of Rs800,000 and two mobile phones as his car approached his flat in Shanti Nagar, Dalmia.

Karachi DSP was up at gunpoint and robbed of Rs. 800,000 and cellphones

The criminals were pursuing the police officer as he was leaving a bank. CCTV footage of the event has the police starting their investigation.

The development followed the city police chief’s assertion that, despite the widespread concern over Karachi’s rising crime rate, the city’s condition is not as dire as it is being portrayed to be.

Jawed Alam Odho, the chief of police in Karachi, denied accusations that crime was on the rise in the city during a press conference on Friday at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI).

The residents of Karachi are hurting themselves because he said that Lahore and other places had higher crime rates.

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