‘Jessica Jones’ Gets a New Title for Disney+

A.K.A Jessica Jones is Now Streaming on Disney+

Jessica Jones joined its ex-Netflix Defenders comrades on Disney+ in March, but months later, the streamer has made a strange alteration to the series… one that’s even stranger than fans expected.

MCU Direct revealed over the weekend that Disney+ had modified Jessica Jones’s title on the site to A.K.A. Jessica Jones—the series’ original working title when it was envisioned as an ABC show, and a homage to the show’s episode title traditions, which all begin with “A.K.A.” Following the name change, news outlets speculated that it is laying the groundwork for a revival and/or reboot of the character as part of Disney+’s offerings of MCU TV series, similar to Jessica’s fellow Defender Daredevil, which is currently set to see a revival with the return of Charlie Cox as the titular hero on the streamer.

However, the adjustment does not appear to be as big as previously reported. The title sequence of Jessica Jones has been updated to update a placard with this “new” name… but just for the first episode of season one, “A.K.A. Ladies Night.” The remaining 38 episodes of Jessica Jones retain their original title cards on both the European and US versions of the platform, according to io9, and there is a change from the original Netflix release for the opening episode.

The new updated title card appears on Jessica Jones’ debut episode, “A.K.A. Ladies Night.”

Although Jessica Jones is no longer available on Netflix, digital purchases of the first episode on platforms such as YouTube confirm that the original episode has not been modified to include the “A.K.A.” branding now included on the Disney+ release. Furthermore, the series’ teaser card in Disney+’s Marvel area still displays the original Jessica Jones branding. The series also appears in Disney+ search results under “Jessica Jones,” with “A.K.A.” not returning the series until the hero’s name is added.


This isn’t the first time Marvel content has been subjected to weird post-release changes on Disney+. Recently, a strange alteration to violent sequences in an episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier led to Disney saying that the decision to adjust moments in the series containing blood splatter and impalement was due to the accidental upload of an alternate cut of the episode. As for Jessica Jones, it’s unclear why such a minor modification was made—whether it was done purposely ahead of a future rebirth of the character for the MCU, as some assume, or another alleged Disney blunder.

Update, July 5, 6:50 pm ET: A Disney source confirmed to io9 that the title change was the result of a technical error that occurred while adding UHD/HDR versions of the show to Disney+. The correct title card should soon appear on season one’s first episode, the only episode impacted by the error.

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