Is the PlayStation Network down? How to Check if PlayStation Plus Is Active

Have you ever wondered why you can’t use PlayStation Plus? We’ll explain how to check if PlayStation Network is up and running and whether or not it’s currently down in this article.

Is PlayStation Network Down?

Many gamers are currently unable to access PlayStation Plus due to the PlayStation Network being down as of the time of writing on July 19, 2022. On Twitter, however, there is conjecture that Stray downloads may have played a role.

In the interim, we’ll show you how to determine if PlayStation Plus is functioning even if neither PlayStation nor Sony has explained what caused the problem.

How To Check if PlayStation Plus Is Working

You should check to see whether PSN is down by going to Settings on your console to use the utility. Choose “Network” from the settings menu, then click “View Status of PlayStation Network Services.”

By choosing this option, the PlayStation website will load with a detailed description of PSN services and the web browser will launch. This service will include details on whether the service is operational as well as a detailed explanation of any problems detected. Additionally, it will detail Sony’s response to possible problems.

The following action is to examine your internet connection for any potential problems, which you can accomplish by selecting the ‘Test connection’ option. If it doesn’t work, you should check the Twitter accounts of Sony or PlayStation to see if they are aware of any current problems.

That is all we are aware of regarding PlayStation Network downtime and how to determine whether PlayStation Plus is operational. You can read our review of Stray and more of our PlayStation coverage down below.

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