Instagram down for thousands of users - Downdetector infosette

Instagram down for thousands of users – Downdetector

According to, thousands of Instagram down users on Thursday complained about problems with the photo-sharing app.

According to the outage-tracking website Downdetector, which compiles status reports from various sources in the United States, nearly 24,000 Instagram down users were affected by 5 pm ET.

A request for comment from Reuters was not immediately answered by Meta.

According to, earlier on Thursday, Twitter Inc. experienced a nearly three-hour outage that, at its peak at around 8.15 am ET, affected as many as 50,000 users.

Late last year, Meta experienced a nearly six-hour outage that prevented billions of users from accessing WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram down outage due to a faulty configuration change

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all experienced a nearly six-hour outage globally last year.

Facebook, however, had attributed the outage that prevented its 3.5 billion users from accessing its social media and messaging services WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger to a “faulty configuration change.”

A number Several of anonymous Facebook employees told Reuters earlier that they thought the outage was the result of an internal error in how internet traffic is forwarded to its systems.

The employees claimed that the error was made worse by the malfunctions of internal communication tools and other resources that rely on the same network to function. Security experts had previously stated that an insider’s sabotage or an unintentional error were both possibilities.

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