Instagram app new payments feature allows users to purchase products via (DMs).

Instagram app
The launch of a new “payments in chat” function on Instagram was revealed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg today. Customers in the US can now use Instagram app new direct chat function to buy goods from small companies and follow orders.

Users can begin by contacting a qualified small business they’re interested in purchasing from directly using the new functionality. They can then pay, track their order, and ask any more questions in the same chat thread with the company. According to the business, customers frequently discuss their purchases with businesses via Instagram app DMs before making a purchase, but they will now be able to pay sellers straight within their Instagram chat thread. Users can receive in-app chat support when they make a purchase using DMs, according to Meta.

Via the U.S., you may now purchase goods from small businesses and follow the progress of your order in conversation on Instagram, according to Zuckerberg’s announcement post. “Pay with Meta Pay and finish the transaction in a few taps.”

 Instagram app

After a customer has decided to buy something, the vendor can initiate a payment request, according to a screenshot given by Meta. A user will be prompted to enter and confirm their shipping address and payment details after clicking the “Pay” button. Your payment will be handled by PayPal, according to the screenshot.

According to Meta, American small businesses that don’t presently use Shops will be able to discuss products, create orders with client information, and take payments – all without switching to another app. A company can use Shops on Instagram and Facebook to create a digital storefront when they’re ready to do so.

According to the company, one billion individuals message businesses each week through its family of apps, whether they are conversing with brands, looking at products, or seeking support. Instagram app new feature was introduced shortly after Meta formally changed the name of Facebook Pay to Meta Pay last month. Facebook Pay continues to offer the same functionality and overall user experience across all of these platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Although the service will remain the same, Zuckerberg stated at the time of the branding that the change in name is the first step in Meta’s plan to develop a digital wallet for the metaverse. He claims that his imagined metaverse digital wallet will enable users to safely

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