Imran warns that PTI can close entire Pakistan.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan asserts, “We have the street power and we can shut down all of Pakistan.”

Infosette (News) ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan alluded on Wednesday to a “terrible conspiracy” to portray his party and the army as adversaries.

In a news conference held via video link from his home in Banigala, Imran claimed that he was under the age of 18 when he travelled to the then-East Pakistan in March 1970 to play a match and stayed there with Brigadier Shafique to learn how much animosity had developed between the country’s largest party and the army. “After that, as we all know, our nation fell apart. The ruling alliance is still making the same effort today, he cautioned.

Former PM Imran Khan claimed that the PTI was a federally recognised party with the largest voter base across all four provinces. He claimed that “Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiqs” were plotting to destroy his party. It is carried out through planning.

When our government was in power, India’s initial response was that Imran Khan had been installed by the military and was a puppet. In India and Israel, there were celebrations following the overthrow of our government. The issue of regime change was not brought up by the West either, according to the PTI chief.

Imran claimed that India was continually hurt by the coordination between his government and the military. The PTI activists exposed the European Union’s “Disinformation Lab,” which contained about 800 fake websites, he continued.

He went on to say that many Pakistani journalists worked for these websites, which were constantly propagandising against Pakistan. They are now associated with the current administration. He said, “They used to attack me and the Pakistan Army.

Imran claimed that Asif Zardari suggested sending the DG ISI to Mumbai after the attacks in Mumbai. The same Zardari sent a message to the Americans through Hussain Haqqani to save him from the army, but on the other hand, Nawaz claimed in an interview following the Mumbai attacks that the attackers were Pakistani.

The Pakistan Army and ISI were the targets of a significant campaign, he claimed.

Imran stated. According to information from Dawn Leaks, Nawaz Sharif and his administration claimed that the Pakistan Army and ISI were complicit in acts of terrorism against India.

He claimed that Narendra Modi had previously referred to General Raheel Sharif of Pakistan as the terrorist group’s leader and that Nawaz Sharif had invited the same Narendra Modi to a wedding in Lahore.

Imran claimed that Barkha Dutt, an Indian journalist, claimed in her book that Nawaz Sharif was secretly meeting Narendra Modi and pleading with him to save him from the army.

These people claim that we are traitors today. These people cost billions of dollars and are lying outside. Additionally, books from other countries have documented their tales of corruption.

In the documentary, their theft is also mentioned. Today, people who have gained power and turned into patriotic Pakistanis are accusing us of being against the army, and we are being called traitors,” he regretted.

He said, “The kind of cruelty unleashed on us on May 25 was unprecedented. This is how my party is being targeted. At midnight, our homes were raided without any regard for our privacy. They believed the PTI was made up of “mummy, daddy” types of people, so they believed they could crush it.

He asserted that the PTI was Pakistan-focused only. Although we have the ability to shut down the entire nation of Pakistan, the economic situation in our nation is such that we should be concerned for it, so we also protest peacefully.

Imran Khan thoughts about Foreign Funding:

The second point, he added, was that they had developed a detailed strategy to topple the PTI, and the Election Commission had made its ruling in the foreign funding case specifically for this goal.

“In this case, there is nothing. They are merely asserting that it is foreign funding when Pakistanis send money from abroad.

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, a party has conducted consistent fundraising. Such organisations, whose leaders are viewed as corrupt, are unable to raise money.

In 2012, our party provided the names of 40,000 donors. According to him, the party raised money, had all the audit reports, and turned everything over to the Election Commission.

Imran argued that he wanted an audit of all political parties’ fundraising efforts because he was aware of how the PTI had raised funds and kept financial records while the PPP and PMLN had none.

“They are lacking even an audit report. They have said such blatantly false things that, in my opinion, when the case is actually investigated in court, it will be established that only one party had legitimately collected funds in this nation, Imran asserted.

He claimed there was a plot by the Election Commission to outlaw his party because it was no longer vulnerable to electoral defeat.

They adopted the alias Arif Naqvi. He was Pakistan’s upcoming superstar. He moved quickly upward. K-Electric was given to Arif Naqvi by these two parties’ governments; we did not privatise it.

This is a component of their strategy against the ARY, according to them. The same strategy calls for the closure of any channel that supports me.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is illegal, was carrying out attacks in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, according to the PTI chairman. “PTI MPAs report receiving threats, according to them. There is a KP government that desires an independent Pakistan, but it is under attack.

Imran Strictly Condemn Arrest of Shahbaz Gill:

If what Dr. Shahbaz Gill said was illegal, according to Imran, it would be simple to charge him because the Pakistani Constitution mentions a process for doing so. “Give him a chance to appear in court and give his defence. We care more about the nation, and a strong army is something we value highly,” he said.

Some relevant video clips of Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, Asif Zardari, Fazlur Rehman, and other leaders criticising the establishment were played during his speech. Imran questioned why they were not subject to legal action.

It is pertinent to mention that PTI Chairman Imran Khan already calls Public Gathering on 13th August before one day of Pakistan Independence Day. 



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