Imran Khan will visit Karachi soon for Election Campaign for NA-245

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Terhreek-i-Insaf (PTI), will travel to Karachi to support Mahmood Moulvi, the party’s candidate in the NA-245 by-election, ARY NEWS Reported.

Mahmood Moulvi, the former SAPM for Maritime Affairs, made this statement after meeting Imran Khan in Islamabad and briefing him on the election campaign in the constituency.

During the meeting, Imran Khan predicted that PTI will win NA-245 and instructed Moulvi to conduct a door-to-door campaign. “Karachi people trust PTI,” stated Khan.

After the meeting, Mahmood Moulvi stated that Imran Khan would soon travel to Karachi to campaign for NA-245.

On August 27, by-elections for Karachi’s NA-245 constituency will be conducted. Due to forecasts for extremely heavy rain in the province, the elections that were scheduled for July 25 were postponed.

The position had been vacant since PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s passing.

Recent allegations of election rigging by the Muatthaida Qoumi Movement-P candidate by PTI candidate Molvi Mehmood were made in a letter to the provincial election commissioner.

According to Molvi Mehmood, the MQM-P candidate is setting up a free medical camp in the district to rig the election. On August 2, he said, the medical camp would be established up in the lines area.

The PTI candidate argued that the camp, which was established by the Karachi Port Trust, is suspect. The elections act is being broken by the activity leading up to the polls, he continued.

The PTI candidate pleaded with the ECP to pay attention to the infraction.

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