Imran Khan will participate in Telethon tomorrow to raise money for flood victims.

Imran Khan will join Telethon to raise money for flood victims.

Asad Umar, the party’s general secretary, tweeted the announcement and stated that more information on the telethon would be released later.

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI and a former prime minister, will take part in a telethon to raise money for Pakistan’s flood victims.

The declaration came a day after the former prime minister claimed, when touring flood relief camps in DI Khan, that he was being pressured to start a fundraising effort for the victims but would not do so until he was certain of how the money would be used. 

Parvez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab, called the PTI’s top officials earlier in the day to convince Imran Khan to announce a fundraising initiative for flood victims.

Pervez Elahi called Shibli Faraz and Asad Umar and pleaded with them to encourage Imran Khan to publicise a fundraising effort for flood victims.

He remarked, “Floods have caused devastation throughout Pakistan; we should put everything aside and aid the sufferers.

He underlined the need for cooperation across the board in order to restore the nation’s roads, schools, and hospitals.

The chief minister of Punjab declared, “The rehabilitation of the victims and the provision of food and medicines is among our top priorities.”

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