Imran Khan believes the Salman Rushdie attack was unjustified.

Infosette News : Imran Khan, Former prime minister of Pakistan, also condemned the assault on Salman Rushdie, calling it “terrible” and “sad,” and he said that, while the Islamic world’s outrage over the author’s book “The Satanic Verses” was understandable, it could not be used as justification for the assault.

In an interview with the Guardian, Khan made an effort to downplay his reputation as an outspoken individual by claiming he anticipated Afghan women to “assert their rights” in the face of Taliban restrictions. Salman Rushdie’s attack was condemned by Imran Khan, who referred to it as “terrible” and “sad.” Although understandable, Imran Khan claimed that the attack was not justified because Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses had aroused the fury of the Islamic world.

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He is now struggling to stay in power after losing his position in April. Khan claims that his employees and supporters are being pursued and bullied while he fights eight-year-old allegations of unlawful campaign financing that might lead to his removal from politics.

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Imran Khan withdrew from an event in India ten years ago because Salman Rushdie would also be there and the two men had a verbal spat; nonetheless, Khan doesn’t seem to have supported taking aggressive action against the Indian-born novelist. In a region where most politicians have remained silent, his denunciation of the attack is notable.

Khan startled the west as well as many Afghans when he praised the Taliban’s takeover of power as “breaking the chains of enslavement” a year ago. By describing the Taliban’s treatment of women and girls as a local “cultural norm” and emphasizing that “each community has a particular idea of what human rights and women’s rights are,” he justified the Taliban’s treatment of these groups.

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