How does WhatsApp’s new call feature work?

WhatsApp updates its features regularly. Every day WhatsApp introduces a new feature. Recently WhatsApp announce a call feature which has the official name “Call Link Feature”. Read the full article to know how to use this new feature.

All WhatsApp users will be able to join a call by simply clicking a link thanks to the new functionality. On Zoom and other platforms, a comparable capability is accessible.

“You can even choose the call type (voice or video) when you create a link for a call, and when more than two people join the call, the connection automatically turns into a group call,” according to WABetainfo.

Additionally, calls placed using a link are still end-to-end encrypted, so no one who didn’t join the call can hear what is spoken there.

End-to-end encryption is used for the call links.

The URL can be copied and distributed by another means, or you can share the link with a specific person or group.

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Follow these steps to make a call link on WhatsApp:

  • Choose and select the Calls tab.
  • Choosing Create Call Link.
  • Decide whether to make a voice or video call.

Choose Share Link or Copy Link to send a link via WhatsApp or another application.

Every time you create a call link, the URL will be different, secure, and contain IDs of 22 characters to prevent it from being guessed.

Call links are easy to create if you lose or forget the link you created. Users may even store if they intend to use the.

Call links are presently supported in the calls tab on iOS and Android. The link cannot be clicked to dial a number for prohibited users.

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