How to Create Skrill Account in Pakistan? Step by Step Guide

Want to create a Skrill account in Pakistan don’t worry I will tell you how to create skrill account in Pakistan very easily.

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What is Skrill :

Skrill is a provider of a digital multicurrency wallet for managing payments, sending money, and storing cash online. Any internet user over the age of 18 who has a registered email address is able to access it.

The service is used to make payments and withdrawals on trading, e-commerce, and online gaming platforms and supports more than 40 currencies. Customers of Skrill can also use their accounts to send money using only an email address or phone number, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and transfer money from their personal bank account to a bank account abroad.

Let’s Create Skrill Account:

  1. First, you need to go to the official website of Skrill:
  2. Then Click on Sign up now, and this type of window appears.


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3. Now, Enter your NAME, and COUNTRY and in the currency section select the currency which you want, Type your Email address & Password, then click on register.

4. Now, another window appears just like this, Fill in all the details as required in the form. After filling in all the information, then click NEXT.


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5. After clicking Next, Skrill asks you to PAY ONLINE or SEND MONEY, Click which you want.

6. After Completion of the No 5 Step, Skrill asks you again to Phone number for verification type your number and Put the 6-Digit verification code sent by Skrill on this.

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7. Now, You have to create a 6 Digit Security Pin for your Skrill Account.

Great, You have created a Skrill Account.

How to Verify Skrill Account in Pakistan:

It is mandatory for users to verify their identity on Skrill before you will do any Withdrawl/Payment transactions. Want to know how to verify your skrill account in Pakistan, Don’t worry I am here to tell you. Let’s do it.

  1. First, you have to log in to your Skrill Account.
  2. Then, Click on Settings.
  3. As the window shows below, You have to Click on Verification & Click Verify.


verify skrill account in pakistan

4. Now, You have to upload a front & back page of CNIC. (National Identification Number)

5. The Address Document, Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Credit Card Statement, Or letter of enrollment in School are all acceptable uploads.

Once, You have completed this final step Skrill put your request into Verification, It will take 24/48 hours to complete After you verified you can easily access your account in Pakistan and do transactions without any hassle.


In this Blog, I told you how to create a Skrill Account in Pakistan, & I hope you can easily create a Skrill account by this step by step guide If you have any query about this than feel free to contact us, Please describe your question in comment section. Please share this article link to other users.


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