Here is how David Beckham honored Queen Elizabeth II, for which his admirers praised the English footballer

Fans praised David Beckham for joining UK people in paying tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II; see out what he did!

David Beckham, the wildly popular English football player, was photographed waiting in line as UK citizens gathered to pay their respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall. Reports and eyewitnesses claim that the former Manchester United player waited in line for the deceased king alongside the general public for about 13 hours. Learn more about it in this article!

David pays his tribute to Queen Elizabeth II gently

David Beckham was among those who waited in line to visit Queen Elizabeth II’s casket in Westminster Hall. Beckham, once the glory of English football, was noticed by the general public in a queue that led to Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at Westminster Hall.

He arrived and joined the others in the line at around 2 in the afternoon. After another 12-hour wait, the football player finally arrived at Westminster Hall. He was observed keeping a low profile while donning a full-black flat cap, black jacket, and black slacks with a white shirt underneath. He posed for some pictures with admirers, which occasionally results in a brief pause in line movement. According to rumours, Beckham even brought his supporters some snacks and pastries to eat while they waited for hours in line.

Beckham also spoke to media before going to the hall where the Queen’s coffin was. The football player informed reporters that he was raised in a “home of royalists” and that his family has always supported the Royal Family. Beckham went on to say that his grandparents would have wanted to see the Queen one final time before she left if they had been living. So, paying a visit to the Queen’s tomb is a tribute to them.

“I invited my grandparents, who were responsible for instilling in me a strong sense of loyalty to the monarchy and love for the Royal Family, together with my wife to the ceremony to collect my OBE. to take the lead, receive my respect, and then Her Majesty to inquire about and speak. I consider myself really fortunate to have experienced such moments with Her Majesty a few times in my life “reporters, he said.

“We can all see how special she is, how special she was, and the legacy she leaves behind because to the love that has been demonstrated. It’s a sad day, but it’s also a day when we should reflect on the amazing legacy she has left behind. That was something that meant so much to us every time we stood there wearing our Three Lion shirts, myself wearing my armband, and singing God Save The Queen. Every time we performed it, it was unique “Beckham continued.


Then Beckham, who frequently interacted with the Queen throughout his inspirational football career, was spotted sobbing with other mourners in the hall as they stood by the Queen’s coffin. When the former England captain had the honour of becoming an officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2003, he had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II.

Beckham ran into reporters once again outside Westminster Hall and remarked that the atmosphere inside was unsurpassed. Additionally, he stated that everyone in the hall was come to praise Queen Elizabeth for her kindness and compassion throughout her whole reign.

Fans praised David Beckham for his deed

Despite being a well-known superstar, David Beckham joined the regular public in queuing for nearly 13 hours to see the Queen’s coffin. This has elicited a lot of favourable comments from people all across the world. Many people have flocked to Twitter to praise Beckham’s humble demeanour and grounded mentality.

While many fans appreciated his act of queuing with the common public, many others pointed out how other “celebrities” use their status to get things done unfairly. Many Twitter users praised Beckham’s decision, calling him “a really great guy” and “one of life’s good people.”

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