Hashtag #BaftasSoWhite takes centerstage after BAFTA Awards; Here’s why it is trending on Twitter

The BAFTA awards have been in the news ever since last night’s winner list was announced. But it is not in the spotlight for a good reason, as the audience went all out over the winner list. Many in the audience lost their cool as they took it to Twitter and started a trend #BaftasSoWhite, claiming that there was a complete lack of diversity among the award winners.

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This year’s nominations list was unveiled earlier this month, with stars like Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett, and Viola Davis at the top of the list, but not a single person of colour took home a 2023 Bafta, which many took personally.

According to reports, Joaquin Phoenix spoke about Bafta being “structural racism” during his acceptance speech three years ago to denounce the film industry’s lack of diversity. While his speech prompted Bafta to do a study of the organisation as a whole to see how it might improve moving forward, it appears that any reforms have only been incremental.

What #BaftasSoWhite is all about:

The #BaftasSoWhite hashtag was used by a disappointed audience to draw attention to the lack of diversity in Friday night’s winners list. The claim that only white people can be honoured for their good work on screen and not those whose talents have a different colour of skin got the audience all riled up because the BAFTA awards platform couldn’t recognise the immense talents a person of another colour can hold. This very reason took a toll on the audience, and for the same, they lost their cool and took it to Twitter.

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While many viewers commented on Twitter about the racist step taken by the BAFTA award platform.

What #BaftasSoWhite is all about (Pic credit: Getty Images)

Audience comments on unfair means on Twitter:

“The Bafta actor awards going to four white actors when there were brilliant performances nominated from Michelle Yeoh, Viola Davis, [Danielle] Deadwyler, Ke Huy Quan, Angela Bassett, Hong Chau, and Daryl McCormack feels very #BaftasSoWhite,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

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“Wait. Is there a POC who has won? Because I’ve seen some phenomenal work by those nominated, who absolutely deserve their flowers. If I’m correct, not one has won. Sheila Atim? Naomi Ackie? Viola Davis? Daryl McCormack? Michelle Yeoh? “Bruh,” added another viewer following the tweet.

While another user commented: “Bafta favouring its homegrown talent was always predictable, but it really highlights how much the UK industry has worked to do when the lack of diversity among the award winners is telling.”

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