After Prince Harry’s “Spare,” Meghan Markle is prepared to publish a “juicier” book.

After Prince Harry's "Spare," Meghan Markle is prepared to publish a "juicier" book.

Meghan Markle‘s new book is intended to bring down the Royal family: Source

Following Prince Harry’s “Spare,” Meghan Markle is prepared to publish her own book.

The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly waiting for the ideal opportunity to include the Royal Family in a dramatic film.

The mother of two is “fueled” with resentment toward her in-laws, a source close to the marriage tells National Enquirer.

It’s only a matter of timing and how long she wants to hang on to protect what’s left of her and [Prince] Harry’s connection with King Charles III and what more they can still gain from “the monarchy in terms of titles and fringe perks.”

Added the insider: “She may as well move forward at this point because she has little to lose, and the process is already discreetly underway.

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Her book will undoubtedly be blunt; that much is obvious.”

The Duchess of Sussex’s memoir will be a “nightmare” for the royal family, the source further asserted.

To hurt “all those who have stood in her way or made life difficult” for her and Prince Harry, she has plans.

However, the insider continues that she is “determining exactly what she wants to communicate and how it will all tie into her and Harry’s overall vision.”

Meghan Markle, meanwhile, is “moving on with getting a bulk of it written and prepared quietly and informally for now.”

Meghan is also considering publishing the book herself due to her “talent” as a writer.

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