Harry and Meghan can’t keep the crowd interested with their “one trick pony” antics.

With their “shaky plan,” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have fallen short of expectations among experts and critics.

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As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are criticized for their “shaky approach,” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have fallen short of expectations among critics and experts.

Andrew Wallenstein referred to the couple’s highly anticipated Netflix series as “their ‘Oh, woe is us’ tactic” because it included disparaging statements about the royal family and the palace.

The couple was criticized in a recent article for the magazine by the president and chief media analyst of Variety Intelligence Platform.

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Andrew’s article, It’s Well Past Time for Harry and Meghan 2.0, has the heading: “There can only be so many discoveries left to share with the public now that the couple has isolated themselves away from their tumultuous coexistence with the monarchy.”

Maybe it’s time to send this one-trick pony to the glue factory because they’ve already killed it.

They have always played the Come for the sob story, stay for the lofty uplift strategy, he continued. But that’s a dubious tactic for retaining a crowd that most likely doesn’t care about anything either of them has to offer outside of royal gossip.

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