Govt to arrest all people involved in social media propaganda after chopper crash in Balochistan

  • According to sources, the social media effort involved 17 Indian accounts.
  • Assume that a political party’s employees launched a campaign against the Pakistan Army.
  • After examining the persons participating in the propaganda, those who oversaw the campaign will also be detained.

On the condition of anonymity, individuals with knowledge of the inquiry told infosette News that the government has chosen to detain everyone responsible for spreading false information about the Lasbela helicopter crash on social media.

Sources claimed that after looking into those responsible for the propaganda, the campaign’s organizers will also be detained. Additionally, the investigations revealed that Indian accounts participated in the social media effort, they said.

They further stated that social media accounts from India actively took part in a campaign against the Pakistan Army that was started by members of a political party. According to the findings, at least 17 Indian accounts were connected to the effort.

FIA has been entrusted with investigating a harmful social media campaign.

Following the martyrdom of army officers in the Balochistan chopper crash, the Federal Inquiry Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing opened a case and initiated an investigation into hostile social media propaganda last week.

The investigation is being carried out by a combined investigation team led by Additional Director General Cybercrimes Muhammad Jafar.

According to Infosette News, the investigating team includes Director Operations Waqar Chauhan, Additional Director Ayaz, and Assistant Director Imran Haider.

The development comes after Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif described the campaign as “horrifying.”

” The social media campaign denigrating and insulting the sacrifices of our martyrs was horrific,” he wrote on Twitter.

The prime minister blamed such venom on “self-righteous political narratives.”

“They corrupt the brains of the youth and weaponize hate speech. Where are we going? “he inquired.

“The way this is happening on social media, we need to look into it and reject such aspects,” he stated.

“We can accomplish this as a group. That is why we released a press statement since it was critical to bring attention to this situation. This must be opposed at all levels.”

According to the ISPR press release: “We’ve been in a lot of pain since the accident on August 1. The propaganda has caused enormous suffering, particularly among the martyrs’ relatives “He stated.

Maj Gen Iftikhar stressed that this should not happen and that elements disseminating harmful propaganda and rumors should be rejected.

“Insensitive behavior is unacceptable and should be denounced on all platforms,” he said, adding that the Pakistan Army is grateful to the country for standing with them and the martyrs.

Chopper Crash in Balochistan

A Pakistan Army chopper went missing in Balochistan on August 1 during flood rescue efforts and was confirmed wrecked the next day by the ISPR. It was discovered in the Lasbela district near Musa Goth. Six service members were killed. At around 5:30 p.m., the military chopper went missing while en way from Quetta to Karachi. The men in the chopper were in charge of flood relief activities in the country’s southwest.

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