Google will include a ChatGPT-Like feature in search results soon


Google announced on Wednesday that it would soon incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) capable of producing text and other content in search results as it struggles to take on Microsoft’s well-liked AI chatbot ChatGPT.

On Monday, Google, which is controlled by Alphabet, introduced Bard, its own chatbot platform.

Google executive Prabhakar Raghavan stated at a launch event on Wednesday in Paris that so-called generative AI would allow consumers to interact with information in “completely new ways.”

They could assist a toymaker in coming up with a fresh design or a local baker in working with a client to cooperate on a cake.

The only constraint on search will be your creativity when we integrate generative AI technologies into our products, we say.

Using code and a massive amount of data, generative AI creates new texts, videos, and audio files that resemble humans.

Google announced that more partners and developers would soon be able to test Bard.

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