Gold prices as of today, Declined in Pakistan

Gold prices as of today

Gold prices as of today seem a decline in Pakistan reaching 181,500 per tola. Earlier, Gold prices saw a very massive increase in Pakistan.

KARACHI: The domestic price of one-tola and 10-gram gold in Pakistan fell sharply despite a rise in the global market.

Details indicate that the domestic price of a tola and ten grammes of gold decreased by Rs900 and Rs771, respectively.

Gold prices on Tuesday decreased by Rs. 900 to reach Rs. 181,500 per tola and by Rs. 771 per gramme to reach Rs. 155,606.

The cost of yellow metal on the world market rose by US$3 and was sold for US$1,874, according to jewellers’ makers.

On the other hand, the KSE-100 index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) reversed course and entered a bullish trend. It increased 296.75 points, or 0.73 per cent, to close at 40,801.51.

214,346,791 shares were exchanged in total during the day as opposed to 163,939,925 shares the day before. The price of shares was Rs 6.565 billion as opposed to Rs 6.890 billion on the previous trading day.

In the stock market, 337 firms traded their shares; 231 of them saw gains, 82 suffered losses, and 24 saw their share prices remain unchanged.

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