Girl Beaten After Refusing To Drink Alcohol In Scarsdale International School In Pakistan


Users of social media Twitter were recently shocked by a minute clip showing a student, Paras Shah, being violently bullied and abused by her fellow classmates at Scarsdale International School.

In the video, the bullied student appears powerless against three female classmates who laugh while sitting on her body and face. Bullying perpetrators were also seen grabbing the poor girl’s hair, kicking and slamming her body to the floor.

The background noise also indicated the presence of another student, identified as a male student, who did nothing but laugh and record the bullying.

Bullying occurred at Scarsdale American International School Defense, a prestigious private school in Lahore City, Pakistan, according to an explanation written by Twitter user @MaheenFaisal 20.

Trigger Warning!

In the same statement, it was also explained that the girl who was beaten became the target of bullying after she refused to drink alcohol when forced by the bully seen in the video.


The hashtag #JusticeForParasShah is trending on Twitter.

Capture of Paras Shah after getting the medical treatment


Not long after the bullying video went viral and sparked outrage among Twitter users, it was revealed that the father of the girl who had been a victim of violence immediately reported it and filed a FIR with the police.

According to the police report, the complainant Imran, the father of the bullied girl, stated that his daughter was beaten by her classmates Jannat Malik, Umaima Malik, and Noor Rehman.

According to the FIR, the bully’s perpetrator, Umaima, who was seen in the video, cruelly beat the poor girl to the point where she had the audacity to injure her multiple times with a knife. Meanwhile, Jannat, another violent perpetrator in the video, is a drug addict who intends to drag the injured girl into the drug culture.

Kainat Malik and Jannat Malik, who were beating Paras Shah, were granted bail!



Many Twitter users expressed regret over the bullying incident captured in the viral video. They were disappointed that such cruel incidents could occur in a school setting, which should be a place of moral education for these students; furthermore, this occurred in a prestigious private school, which is known to be quite expensive.

Other Twitter users expressed regret for the male student, who instead of intervening to stop the bullying and save the girl who was being bullied, recorded a video while laughing at the cruel action.

Other users hope that the girls bullied in the video face serious consequences.

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