Gaming Industry to add 1 lakh new jobs By FY23 Report


According to a report, the Gaming industry will add one lakh new jobs by 2022-23, across domains such as programming, testing, animation, and design. According to Team Lease Digital’s report, Gaming: Tomorrow’s Blockbuster, the sector is expected to grow by 20-30% and add one lakh direct and indirect new jobs by FY23.

Currently, the sector directly employs approximately 50,000 people, with programmers and developers accounting for 30% of the workforce.

Over the next year, the industry will add new jobs in fields such as programming (game developers, unity developers), testing (games test engineering, QA lead), animation (animators), design (motion graphic designers, virtual reality designers), artist (VFX and concept artists), and others.

Highest Paying Jobs 2023

The highest-paying profiles in the gaming industry, according to the report, are game producers (Rs 10 lakh per annum), game designers (Rs 6.5 LPA), software engineers (Rs 5.5 LPA), game developers (Rs 5.25 LPA), and QA testers (Rs 5.11 LPA).

“The gaming industry is the next sunrise industry because of its growing user base and the opportunities it will provide.” It provides jobs in a variety of industries, which increases its popularity.

“Despite frequent regulatory changes, the gaming industry is expected to create 1 lakh jobs by FY23 and grow 2.5 times by 2026,” said Teamlease Digital CEO Sunil Chemmankotil.

The gaming industry is on the verge of exponential growth, with the industry expected to grow by 20-30% by FY23 and reach Rs 38,097 crore by 2026.

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