For Prince Harry’s publisher, Meghan Markle’s memoir is “top priority” “Everything is on wait,”

Meghan Markles Memoir

Plans are “in full swing” for Meghan Markle’s upcoming memoir.

According to reports, Meghan Markle is ‘in full stride’ with her plans to publish her whole memoir.
An insider has now revealed information regarding Meghan Markle’s plans for writing her own memoir.

Its instant, extraordinary success caught everyone off guard, the insider admitted to Express UK before making the other statements.

Nobody anticipated sales numbers like the ones we are currently witnessing. The Obamas, who are currently the company’s joint best-selling writers, may quickly lose ground to Harry in book sales.

The pressure is on to publish Meghan’s account of events, including those involving the Royal Family and her own family in America, as soon as possible, ideally early next year to boost sales when demand for Spare declines.

The insider added, “Given Spare’s popularity, Meghan’s memoir is now the primary priority while everything else is placed on hold,” as further quotes from the source.

They believe Meghan’s narrative in her own words can sell much more, especially in the US, after seeing Harry’s sales.

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