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Finnish PM Sanna Marin Dance Party Videos Leaked

  • Sanna Mirella Marin Born 16 November 1985
  • Finnish politician who has been the country’s Prime Minister since 2019.
  • Sanna Marin one of the world’s youngest heads of state who took office in December 2019
  • Marin graduated from Pirkkala High School in 2004 at the age of 19.

The Finnish PM Sanna Marin is in trouble when images of her dancing and partying outrageously at a private party were released to the public.

The 36-year-old Finnish leader was filmed singing and dancing alongside well-known local influencers and artists in a two-minute video originally posted on a private Instagram account.

The leaked video went viral on social media and in Finnish media on Wednesday, raising public worry about the young leader’s ability to balance a private life with her high-profile position.

 “Finnish PM Sanna Marin upset that things were made public.”

Sanna Marin, one of the world’s youngest heads of state who took office in December 2019, said she was aware she was being filmed but had no idea the footage would be made public.

“These films are confidential and were shot in a private setting.” “I resent that these were made public,” Marin told reporters, adding that she didn’t know who leaked them.



Videos show Finnish PM Sanna Marin, allegedly doing drugs.

Although some people commended PM Marin’s work-hard, play-hard lifestyle following the video leak, the public now demands that she take a drug test and make the results public.

Marin’s coalition partner, the Centre Party’s Mikko Kärnä, tweeted that Marin should take a voluntary drug test and make the results public.

During a news appearance on Thursday, Marin fiercely denied using drugs in defence of her actions in the viral videos. She stated that she merely indulged in moderate amounts of alcohol consumption and partied “boisterously.”

“I haven’t taken any drugs, so taking a drug test isn’t a problem for me, but I also believe it’s pretty unusual that something like this is required,” she told reporters, adding that she had “nothing to conceal or hide.”

The Finnish Prime Minister also stated that alcohol was ingested at the private events, but no narcotics were taken to her knowledge.

Marin also argued that her actions were entirely legal, claiming that she’d “danced, sung, and partied and done legal things” and that she’s “ready to take a drug test at any moment.”

Due to her love of partying, the Finnish prime minister has run into difficulty.

It should be mentioned that Marin’s penchant for partying has landed her into problems before, including the most recent episode involving the Finnish PM.

She had to apologize for travelling to a nightclub in December 2021 after being near someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Marin claimed she missed a text message telling her to self-isolate because she had left her work phone at home, even though as PM she was required to maintain a COVID-19 tracking device on her person at all times.

Upon realising her error, Marin apologized at the moment, saying, “I am sorry for not understanding that I needed to do that.”

However, Marin claimed in January that while in office, she and other young female ministers had been the targets of significant hate speech because of their gender and look.

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