Facebook monetization now available for Pakistani creators

Facebook monetization now available for Pakistani creators

(Infosette News) ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is now eligible for the Facebook Monetization feature. Pakistani creators on Facebook can now make money by monetizing their work using Meta’s “stars” function, as Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Saturday.

In a video message sent on Twitter from the offices of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the foreign minister reportedly announced the development.

FM At the Meta Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, Bilawal Bhutto introduced the “Facebook Stars” option for Pakistan’s monetization.

According to the foreign minister, Pakistani content makers can now sell their Facebook work, and “the more stars they acquire, the more money they would earn.”.

He wished for “the youth of Pakistan in particular” to make better use of social media.

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He added, “Meta is working and investing in Pakistan and giving possibilities to our women and young, and the star monetization feature will assist our people in improving their economic circumstances.

Separately, Meta revealed that it has offered Facebook Stars, its newest monetization tool, for Pakistani producers who qualified in order to assist them in connecting with their followers and developing a company.

The international internet giant said in a statement that Facebook Stars will enable fans to purchase and give digital items to artists as a form of support, as well as allow Pakistani content producers to check their earnings by content category, manage their goals, and access various Stars settings.

On-demand videos, photographs, text postings, Facebook Reels, Facebook Live, and on-demand videos all support the feature.

“A crucial component of our ongoing commitment in Pakistan is supporting creators as they establish a sense of community and pursue their hobbies as careers.

According to Jordi Forney, director of emerging markets for Meta’s Asia Pacific region, Facebook Stars is now available to all Pakistani creators who qualify, enabling more people to start making money as they develop their careers, audiences, and creative work.

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